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Unforgettable experiences

Experience fantastic adventures together.

Dive into Larp – Live-Action-Roleplay. Unfold your role in fictional worlds, develop characters, interact, and grow. Our unique concept combines Larp, Adventure Coaching, and Adventure Education. We foster courage, strengths, and the inner hero of young people. We don't simply create events; we shape responsible personalities. Together, we build a strong community in Germany and Europe.

Ruf des Drachen

Our most epic Larp event in the summer holidays. Your unforgettable Fantasy Adventure Camp, where heroes are born and Larp comes to life.


Sturmherz 27.07. - 04.08.2024

Rosenfeuer 10.08. - 18.08.2024

Location: BegegnungsCampus, 95505 Immenreuth

Price: Starting from 450€

9 days of Hero Coaching in the Fantasy Medieval Camp

For Larp newcomers aged 11 to 27

Accommodation, full board, Larp training: all included!

Ruf des Drachen
Felder der Ehre

Löwenherz and Rabenschlau

Real heroes start early! Your three-day fantasy adventure for little adventurers and their parents, full of enchanting stories.

Date: 23. - 25.08.2024

Location: BegegnungsCampus, 95505 Immenreuth

Price: Starting from 130€

3-day Fantasy Medieval Camp for the youngest

For girls and boys aged 8 to 12

Accommodation, full board, age-appropriate and enchanting stories: all included!

Löwenherz und Rabenschlau

Akademia Draconis

Sit by our fire, listen to the stories, learn from each other, enjoy the arts and ancient customs. Discover Dúil, remember Old Selbion.

Date: Fall 2024

Location: BegegnungsCampus, 95505 Immenreuth

Price: TBA

3-day Ambience-Con with a focus on character play

For newcomers and seasoned veterans aged 14 and above

Offer and/or participate in workshops and courses

Accommodation and meals all included



Play in teams against an unknown opponent. If you dare. The spots are highly limited.

Date: TBA

Location: BegegnungsCampus, 95505 Immenreuth

Price: TBA

Alternative Reality Game in the present/future

Ages 16 and up, by personal invitation only

Survival and politics inspired by, for example, The Hunger Games, Among Us, Battle Royale


Measure yourself against the strong, step into the footsteps of legends, and rise in spectacular competitions against and with each other.

Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Price: TBA

3-day Tournament-Con

Combat and non-combat disciplines

Grand Tournament Banquet

Klinge des Verrats

Friend or foe? Good or evil? When the boundaries blur in the mist, you need courage and strong nerves.

Date: 24. - 26.05.2024

Location: BegegnungsCampus, 95505 Immenreuth

Price: Starting from 120€

3-day Larp-Con for experienced Larpers aged 16 and above

Intrigues, sleepless nights, challenges.

Not for the faint of heart.

Klinge des Verrats
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