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Opinions on ECW: Our journey in words and images.

Welcome to our media site, where you will find stories of and by participants brought to life by captivating podcasts and inspiring YouTube videos, Here you will learn first hand, how ECW has changed the lives of young adults and how our educational strategies have made a lasting impact. Allow yourself to be carried away by visual impressions and customer reviews and join us on a breathtaking adventure.


„[...] I had the pleasure to fetch my son and two of his friends from Rosenfeuer [Felder der Ehre - Rosenfeuer; editor's note]. [...] For the next 4 hours and without taking the time to stop and take a breath, these 3 young boys regaled the tales of their adventures and the friends the made along the way. Never before have I seen my son more amped up than during this ride home. [...] It was a true delight to see the kids like that. It was heartwarming. Thank you, for providing these boys with such an amazing time." -Translated from German by editor

M. Schlick, father of a "Felder der Ehre" participant


- August 2022

Lose yourself in past adventures and recollections. Our gallery is filled to the brim with precious moments capturing the essence of our mutual journey. Here, pictures tell the tale of our unity. Welcome to this treasure trove of memories.

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Adventure Larp - Where to start

Podcast - "Abenteuer Momente"

In this gripping interview, Martin Kaufmann from "Abenteuer Momente" and Maike Arnold explore the fantastical world of LARP. As an ECW youth welfare expert, Maike knows how to tell a riveting tale or two, while also sharing helpful insider knowledge and practical tips for adventuring in the great outdoors.

Stay a while and listen!

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