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Background heroes

When ideas and teamwork create results

Familiarize yourself with the heads and hearts of those who breathe life into ECW. Our team combines a multitude of talents and passions in their continued effort to merge education and adventure. We each believe in the importance of supporting young adults and keeping them company as they walk their individual paths towards creating and becoming a part of a thriving community. Here you will learn more about those who work behind the scenes in an effort to create the ECW experience we envision.


About us

Facts: Experience and Know-How for more than one and a half decades.

  • Located in 95505 Immenreuth, Kolpingstraße 1

  • Hosting events for young adults since 2008

  • Non-profit Association, registered with the Weiden District Court under VR-200619

  • Lead by 5 people, supported by about 30 volunteers

  • Recognized Provider of Independent Youth Welfare Services in Bavaria

  • Funded by, among others, the Bavarian Youth Council, Aktion Mensch, Demokratie Leben and others

Executive board

Parity: For us at ECW, this goes without saying.

  • Lina Schweers, member of the executive board

    • 21 years old, event manager

  • Marius Boywitt, member of the executive board

    • 33 years old, certified special needs care worker, now managing partner at​ BegegnungsCampus
  • Maike Arnold

    • 33 years old, certified office administrator, now director of the marketing department, design​ & communication



Diversity: Our team combines skills and experiences from all kind of professional fields and walks of life.

  • Special Education Teaching Degree (with focuses on learning as well as social and emotional development)

  • Inclusion and integration assistance

  • Role-Playing Game developer (Game Design)

  • Master of Arts (Archaeology and history)

  • PE instructor (youth)

  • Social Pedagogue

  • Master of Science

  • Youth group leader

  • Etiquette trainer

  • Chamber of Commerce trainer license

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • First Aid Certificate

Advanced training

Progress: We strive for development.

As a team, we continually strive to further our education. The core team participates in monthly or bi-monthly meetings to achieve our goal of hosting increasingly great events, while our volunteers do the same twice a year.

The meetings help to educate the participants in fields such as JuLeiCa or first aid.

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