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From Montessori to Adventure Education: Our Educational Foundations

Our youth education at ECW is unique and innovative. We combine Hero Coaching, Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP), and Gamification to create exciting learning methods. Nature is at the core of our approach, and we promote intercultural competence and personal development. Our training programs and the application of Montessori, Freinet, and Adventure Education make us a leading provider in youth support. Explore our creative approaches and shape your educational experience with us.


The way we work

Our award-winning concept is unique in Germany. With passion and expertise, we continuously work on its development.

Our educational approach combines innovative methods of Hero Coaching with (educational) Live-Action Role-Playing. Our events primarily take place outdoors in the natural environment. It is important to us that young people learn to interact respectfully with the environment during our events.

Another key focus of ECW is the promotion of intercultural competence. The programs aim to encourage young people to engage with other cultures, broaden their perspectives, and develop understanding for different lifestyles and viewpoints.

Furthermore, ECW employs adventure education approaches, providing participants with the opportunity to recognize and expand their limits, develop teamwork skills, and strengthen their self-efficacy. The events aim to help young people discover their abilities and talents, fostering both personal and professional development.

Our educational mission extends to our team of volunteers. Throughout the year, we offer various training sessions such as the Youth Leader Card (JuLeiCa), youth and supervision seminars, training in youth education, and first aid.

ECW is a recognized youth support provider and collaborates closely with schools and other educational institutions. The programs of ECW aim to enhance the educational opportunities for young people and prepare them for a successful future.

We aim to provide young people with the opportunity to develop personally on all levels. To achieve this, we engage in Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) and educational work.

Educational methods

Both live-action role-playing (LARP) and gamification are examples of creative educational methods utilized at ECW. The use of points and other playful elements can enhance the teaching and learning process. Both methods require careful planning and execution to ensure a safe and respectful environment for participants.

Live-action role-playing (LARP) is employed as an effective and creative educational method, promoting participants' social skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication. It allows participants to immerse themselves in a fictional world, gaining new experiences to develop empathy and leadership skills.

Gamification is a method that incorporates playful elements into non-game contexts to enhance the learning process. Gamification increases learning performance and motivation by leveraging simple techniques commonly used in many video games. Examples include a reward system, direct feedback, and an evaluation of current gameplay.

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At ECW Youth Education, we draw inspiration from the concepts of Montessori, Freinet, and Adventure Education. These approaches all emphasize an action-oriented and experiential approach to education. The focus is on enabling learners to play an active role in their learning process and supporting them in their individual developmental journeys. Additionally, all
three approaches emphasize social interaction, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Die Ehren

One of our most important gameplay elements—and also the foundation of our personality development—is formed by our so-called "Honors." These are regularly discussed, changed, and adapted in conversations with educators, philosophical debates, and also with all interested parties.

1. Honor life
2. Wrestle your fear
3. Think

Search for truth – despite the pain

Be aware of yourself

Formulate your wishes

Find your own path and have the courage to walk it

If things are to change, change yourself

Seize the initiative

Strive for development

Do not judge others based on yourself

Consider the consequences of your actions and words

Enjoy without causing harm

Better than before

Measure yourself against the strong, protect the weak

Bleed for the friend

Be patient, but not passive

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