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Where fantasy knows no bounds

Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of ECW, which serves as the backdrop for our exciting events. Here, we unveil the enchanting essence of Duíl, the mystical continent where our adventures take place

The design of our game world reflects our deeply rooted educational values:

Our gameworld is ripe with foreign peoples and unknown creatures. Here it is evident that solo ventures are a narrow-minded concept – true strength can only be unleashed as a team.


We consistently stand against any form of prejudice. Our colorful and diverse game world teaches acceptance and plurality. Hatred and prejudice are not tolerated in the game.


To master the Duíls semi-language is the key to intercultural communication and diplomatic relations with new peoples. English is an integral part of the game.

Embark on a journey to Duíl and experience a unique adventure that awakens the hero within you

Your choice, Your future:
Join Selbions houses and their professions
House of the Wolf

Rangers - the eyes and ears of the Selbiatic Army. They explore the terrain and watch over the surroundings. Swift, extensive movements are their art, be it for reconnaissance or securing.

The forest is their home. Endurance is their key attribute, demanded by their training. Independence entails immense responsibility – wolves warn of dangers before they reach the group. Always vigilant, in constant readiness, even when others see no threat, a wolf is always watchful and ready for battle.

In recent years, the Selbian history has taken place on the yet unexplored continent of Duíl. An enigmatic place, touched only by a few travelers. Selbion, one of its countries, is now the fresh homeland of the Selbian people and the heart of our game. A wide variety of people and creatures are just waiting for you to discover them as dive ever so deeply into this mysterious world over the course of our events.​

Our historians, working tirelessly, have already put together a heap of valuable information. Events of recent years, victories, challenges and the past of Duíl, all of it meticulously chronicled by skilled hands and clever heads.

You can read all about this on our Fandom Wiki! Seek knowledge and discover tales among the countless articles you will find there. Past, future, maps, profiles and summaries; the expanses of our libraries are infinite.

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